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It really is your day, and yes, it really is all about you! So here are 5 tips you may not know to make your wedding day yours!

So how do you make your day yours? Of course, you’ve already thought about things like the dress(es), the suit(s), the food, the flowers, and the bar (of course the bar!), but where else can you put in touches of the two of you? I mean you want to have the best wedding ever, right?

Wedding dance of the bride and groom
Wedding dance of the bride and groom

1st Your music

What you like is what’s best for your wedding. I really mean that when it comes to the music of your day what the two of you like is what should be played during your wedding. You don’t have to search all the “best wedding songs” websites to find songs others like, just use what you already enjoy.  Now does that mean the songs you choose have to be the exact versions that you scream-sing along to? No of course not, try a few of the following.

  • Search for covers of songs. One of my favorite artists for this is Daniel Jang as he has a ton of violin covers that are great for ceremony songs.
  • Look for acoustic versions from your favorite artists for cocktail hour or dinner
  • Think about movies you love and their soundtracks, many soundtracks have wonderful songs that guests might not recognize right out the gate but will keep you and your significant other smiling.

2nd Make this about the two of you.

Really and truly about your two. Don’t let your family or friends convince you that you need a mariachi band for the ceremony, a cover band for dinner, and a DJ for dancing unless that’s what you want to do, and if that is something you want to do call us, we WANT to be a part of that wedding. Don’t do “traditional” things for the sake of “tradition” you’re starting your own family, make your own traditions. If you want to do the bouquet toss but not the garter toss…go for it, a few special dances and dinner then just a party…yes, please! It’s your wedding make it exactly how you want it to be.

3rd Have a signature drink for each of you.

You don’t even have to make it up and it doesn’t even have to contain alcohol but having a signature drink brings your guests closer to you both. They feel there’s a story there about the drink and where it came from. As a bonus make up stories about your drinks on the spot and see how long it takes for your guests to figure it out. It becomes an inside joke between the two of you until the moment the guests figure it out then everyone is in on the fun.

4th Take a moment for the two of you.

We’ve seen this done a few different ways from the couple having dinner together during cocktail hour and then handing out plates, to just scheduling 15 minutes of alone time during the reception, there’s no limit to the way you can do this but take the time to remember each other that day and why you did this. For us as a company one of our favorite ways to do this is during the grand exit, while we herd the cats outside to line up, you two get a dance just to yourselves. It’s a great way to close out your night without having everyone watching you do it.

5th Enjoy the evening.

Things may not go exactly to plan or even go wrong that night but let them go and enjoy the night. You only get the one wedding and if you let little things not going exactly perfect sour your mood you won’t be able to let go and just have fun with your guests, and really a wedding is a celebration, a celebration of the two of you and what you’ve built and are building for the future.

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