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5 Ways to Enjoy More of Your Wedding Planning…Or at Least Make It Less Stressful

Creative wedding planning checklist with roses and rings

Creative wedding planning checklist with roses and rings

You’re ready to embark on a life-changing celebration: planning your wedding! From the dress and cake, to venue and guest list – there are an array of things that need attention. But don’t let yourself get overwhelmed – with simple steps you can make this an exciting part of your journey together.

1. Delegate as Much as Possible.

Don’t let burnout consume you! Take advantage of the kind souls around to give a helping hand – friends and family are always more than willing. Give yourself some peace of mind by offloading tasks that were on your DIY list – those extra hands can help make it come together in no time while reducing stress at the same time. It’s win-win all around!

2. Think About the Experience More.

When planning your wedding, don’t let a budget make it stressful. Switch up the focus and think about how you want your guests to feel on this special day! You’ll find that sometimes what matters most are those personal touches like crafting memorable cocktails or having someone close with an amazing voice perform something meaningful rather than shelling out extra cash for expensive flowers or professional singers. Let these unique aspects provide truly unforgettable experiences at your event!

3. Put All the Essentials in One Place.

With the big day only a few months away, you don’t want to be bogged down with answering your guests’ questions. That’s why it pays to have an awesome wedding website at-the-ready! This handy platform provides all the information that attendees need for the event – freeing up time for couples so they can enjoy other important planning tasks or even just relax and take stock of what’s ahead. Plus, setting up an online gift registry is highly recommended too – making sure every special moment has been well taken care of!

4. Spend Enough Time on

Hiring experienced vendors is another way you can spend more time enjoying the months leading up to your wedding. Experienced vendors are more organized and will help you better plan your day without much effort on your part. Take us for example, we give all of our clients access to a planning portal to help them plan and figure out all the music of their big day! Little tools like this from your vendors can make the planning of your wedding that much easier .

5. Find Time for Self-Care.

What’s the most important thing in your wedding? It’s your so treat yourself!

To make the most of your wedding planning journey, it’s important to take time and practice self-care. Set aside some dedicated ‘me’ time a few times each week for relaxing activities like taking a gloriously long bath, having an uninterrupted dinner with your spouse without talking about wedding details or meet up with friends for brunch – these little moments will help keep you balanced throughout the entire process. Don’t forget that getting married should be fun and enjoyable so remember to relax more often!

Self care

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