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Pre-Ceremony Music

Our Pre-Ceremony playlist is perfect for giving your wedding a touch of class while still giving your guests songs they recognize. 

Instrumental Pre-Ceremony playlist

Cocktail Hour Ideas

Cocktail Hour sets the tone of your reception. This is the time to get your guests in the mood for the rest of the night. It’s also a great place to play those songs your guests want to hear but you don’t. 

We have a few cocktail hour playlists but our go-to is the playlist to the right. It’s a balance of new and old and hits multiple genres of music. It’s sure to please your guests. 

Dj Submasta B Cocktail Hour

Sometimes you want a more romantic and instrumental cocktail hour for a calm more relaxed reception. Our Spanish Guitar cocktail hour playlist is perfect for those nights. 

Romantic Spanish Guitar Cocktail Hour

Classy and Classic, love the music of yesteryear and want to set that as the tone of your reception? Our Classy and Classic Cocktail Hour is for you. Blue-Eyed Soul with a few other add-ins to set the night right. 

Calssy and Classic Cocktail Hour

Our latest cocktial hour playlist is our Soulful coktail hour. It’s still a work in progress but it’s got neo-soul music to set a magical, romantic tone for your night. 

Soulful Cocktail Hour

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