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Precious Moments with Dad

Bride, groom and guests with smartphone taking selfie outside at wedding reception.

Capturing Precious Moments with Dad on Your Wedding Day

Bride, groom and guests with smartphone taking selfie outside at wedding reception.

 Every bride wants to look back at her wedding photos and remember the joy, romance, and beauty of the day. But why not capture more than just a few pictures of you in your dress? Why not also dedicate some time to documenting the special bond between you and your father? Nothing says love like a beautiful father-daughter wedding photo—and it’s an image that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Getting Ready Photos with Dad
A great way to document your relationship with your dad is by taking getting ready photos together. Capture the excitement of watching him put on his suit or tie while you help him get dressed. Or, have him take part in helping you get ready for the ceremony—whether it’s helping zip up your dress or pinning on a corsage. These candid moments will make for some truly memorable photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime.

First Look Photos
You can also set aside some special time during your wedding day for a “first look” moment between you and your dad. Just like first looks are done with the groom, this is an opportunity for your dad to see you in all your bridal glory before anyone else does. It’s sure to be an emotional moment filled with hugs and tears of joy—all captured through beautiful photography that will immortalize this special connection forever.

Ceremony Moment Photos
You don’t want to forget about capturing those precious moments during the ceremony itself! Have your photographer snap some shots as he walks you down the aisle, when he hands off your hand in marriage, or when he gives his speech during the reception (if applicable). And pictures don’t always have to show both of you; having solo shots of just yourself and each parent can be just as meaningful too! With such sweet photos, these moments will stay in your heart forever.

A loving father and beautiful bride sitting at the table on a wedding, talking.

The relationship between a father and daughter is one that is built on love and trust—and there really isn’t anything quite like it! Dedicating some of your wedding day photography time towards capturing those special moments between yourself and dad is something that should definitely not go overlooked! Not only will these photos be something that both of you can look back on fondly over the years, but they are also sure to bring out all the feels whenever they get shared amongst family members. So make sure there’s plenty of room in the family album because these pics are going to be keepers!

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