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EPIC Weddings Your Guests Remember for Years.

Our DJ's take a proactive approach to your wedding so you stress less, party more, and get time to enjoy your guests.

Let's talk about your big day

Yes YOUR big day, imagine there you are in the Dress or the Suit of your dreams, your family and friends with you. You’ve had an amazing ceremony and grand entrance and it’s time for your first dance. You and your fiancée approach each other ready for that big moment, the music starts and……

“Prime Members get ready for”…..whoops your cousin or cheap wedding DJ is streaming your first dance and now your first dance is now brought to you by Amazon.com. 

Did your heart stop for a second...

Ours does thinking about this happening at a wedding.  That or the thought of your guests fighting over who’s controlling the playlist and what’s being played on the dance floor next is just horrifying. Not to mention who’s in charge of the announcements all night? 

That's where a professional DJ comes into play.

Have you ever been to to a wedding with that DJ? You know the one, wearing a tux to a jeans and t-shirt wedding, thinks the night is about them and not the couple, and says the most awful cheesy things all night on the mic. Or even worse gets the couples names wrong, we have and it’s not fun for anyone. Usually these are the signs of an inexperienced and inexpensive DJ who didn’t prepare properly. 

WE...ARE....NOT.....THAT DJ and here's 2 big reasons why:

1. Expert Planning Assistance

Not only do we provide you with an online planning portal and guides that help you plan the music from pre-ceremony to last dance. You have access to us via email, or phone. Questions about songs for your ceremony, or first dance email your DJ to get their experience and thoughts. We’ve been to hundreds of weddings and love to share that knowledge with you. 

2. Seamless Coordination

One of the biggest talents an Emcee/DJ has is ensuring your day runs smooth. As the person with the microphone everyone looks to us for direction, guidance, and leadership during your big day. We take that role to heart and ensure we are also working with your other vendors so that your wedding is nice and smooth. It’s not unusual for a photographer to need extra time because the lighting is perfect, or catering to need a few minutes to get the buffet just right for your guests. Your wedding guests don’t need to know of those minor changes but us all staying in the loop means we keep them entertained and you as stress free as possible. 

So relax, and celebrate

once we get to your big day we want you to relax (as much as possible) and let us take it from there. With the planning we do BEFORE your big day you’ll know your day is going to be amazing, memorable, and an EPIC experience for you and your guests.  So grab a quote from us today and let’s see how our team can make your day truly yours!

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